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Dog Owner's Guide selected book lists

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DOG E-news (0)
Dog Owner's Guide Monthly E-news
Choosing the right dog (24)
Choosing a breed, breeder, puppy & more
Your New Puppy (17)
He's here! Now what?
Survival kit for dog owners (11)
There's more to responsible dog ownership than just giving food & water
Breed profiles (85)
Profiles of dog breeds, wolves, coyotes & even the mixed breed dog
Wild canids (1)
Wolves and other canine relatives
Food and nutrition (2)
What a healthy dog needs & how to provide it
Dogs at work and play (18)
Obedience trials, conformation shows, agility, sled racing, dogs at work. . .
Health and veterinary information (28)
Canine problems, diseases & prevention
Manners & training (56)
How to have a well mannered dog, housetraining & more
Ask the dog trainer (0)
Our columnists' helpful answers
Miscellaneous articles (4)
If it doesn't fit elsewhere it's here
Kids and dogs (2)
Kids & dogs, bringing a new puppy home & more
Seasonal. travel and vacation (0)
Choosing a kennel or sitter, traveling with your dog, holiday hints & more. . . .
Canine aggression (8)
Canine aggression, drives and temperament
Canine behavior (15)
Understanding and dealing with common dog behavior
Rescue (6)
Rescue: a source of older pets, why people do rescue, rescue stories.
Canine issues (3)
Dogs & the law, breed specific legislation, limit laws, just what is the AKC?
The lighter side (36)
Just for fun
Book reviews (14)
A random selection of helpful and interesting books
Newest Articles (0)
Have you seen. . .?

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