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Canis Major Publications

Founded in 1990 in Cincinnati, Ohio, home-based Canis Major Publications began as publisher of Dog Owner's Guide, a newspaper for pet and show dog owners in southwestern Ohio and northern Kentucky. In our first five years, DOG won four Maxwell Awards for best canine newspaper in the US. In the mid-1990s, we started this website and quickly grew to provide more than one million visitors with information about choosing, raising, training, and caring for the family dog and dogs that compete in a variety of sports. In 2003, nearly three million visitors perused our pages.

Dog Owner's Guide website

The Dog Owner's Guide website was established in 1995 with 90 pages of material that previously appeared in the print edition.

All 300-plus articles now on the website appeared first in the print edition of Dog Owner's Guide, but not necessarily in their current form. Because of the differences between one-time print publication and constant access to the website, articles are updated regularly as new information becomes available.

We encourage the reprint of our pages for personal use, for distribution to friends and co-workers, and as handouts for breeder puppy packets, dog-related businesses, shelters and humane societies, dog clubs, etc. We also encourage clubs, shelters and other groups to reprint our material in their newsletters provided credit is given to the website. Please visit our copyright and reprint information page for more information on how you can use our material at no charge.

Meet our authors

Norma Bennett Woolf, editor & writer

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Vicki DeGruy, contributing writer

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Roslyn "Ozzie" Foreman, contributing writer

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This page is a part of the Dog Owner's Guide website and is copyright 2019 by Canis Major Publications. You may print or download this material for non-commercial personal or school educational use. All other rights reserved. If you, your organization or business would like to reprint our articles in a newsletter or distribute them free of charge as an educational handout please see our reprint policy.

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