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How you can reprint our material for your club or business

We freely allow use of our material for many purposes. See the information following the copyright notice.

Unless otherwise indicated all text is copyright 2019 by Canis Major Publications - All rights reserved.

This material is copyright 2019 by Canis Major Publications. No portion of this text may be reproduced in any form or distributed by any method, whether for profit or not, without the express written permission of Canis Major Publications.

You may, however, store or print a copy for your personal use or that of a friend, neighbor, co-worker etc. without asking us for permission.

No portion of the above is intended to prevent or discourage the use of links to Canis Major Publications pages, only the unauthorized remote storage and distribution of the text .

Reprint Policy


We consider education in responsible dog ownership an important part of our function. That's why we want to make our material available to the widest possible audience.

In most cases you're welcome to use our material; just follow the guidelines below and ask us.

You'll notice the email address given below doesn't have an at sign (@) and must be typed into your mail program. We truly apologize for the inconvenience but until spammers stop gathering mail addresses from web pages online and virus writers stop gathering addresses from web pages in your computer's local cache it's an absolute necessity. Hundreds of viruses or spam messages a day are not just an inconvenience, they're a major problem. Again: we're sorry; we really do want you to write to us about reprints.

"I want to download and print some of your material for my own use ...."

Great! That's why we're here. You don't have to ask our permission to do this. Enjoy the articles and give your dog an extra treat from us!

"I want to give one of your articles to a friend who isn't online...."

Same as above. Just use your browser to print a copy or download it and print it. This kind of use doesn't require permission.

"I want to use parts of your pages in a school report...."

Again, no permission required. We'd appreciate it if you include a note citing us as the source. If you do cite sources you'll probably get a better grade anyway...

"I want to hand out one of your articles to my training class."

Great! We're flattered you like our material enough to want to show it to others. Just send E-mail to reprints3 (at) and tell us what article (page) you want to use. We'll reply, with one or two things we'd like you to include on the page to keep the copyright intact, give proper credit, etc. This not only gives you a record that we gave permission but also tells us what interests folks so we can keep improving this site.

There are only two of us at Canis Major Publications (not counting two dogs) so it's guaranteed that your e-mail won't be bounced around in some electronic multinational corporate maze.

"I want to reprint one of your articles in the club newsletter I edit...."

Again, just write to reprints3 (at) and ask and we'll.reply promptly with one or two things we'd like you to include on the page to keep the copyright intact, give proper credit, etc. You'll have permission and we'll know what interests people.

"I want to use one of your articles in the for-profit canine newspaper I publish...."

Write and ask. Unless we feel you compete too closely with us we'll say yes. (We haven't said no to anyone yet!) As we like to see what others are doing we'll probably suggest exchanging subscriptions.

"I want to link to your web site...."

No permission from us is ever necessary. You're more than welcome to link directly to any page of ours, not just the home, index or topics pages. We're flattered you like our material enough to share it with your own visitors.

"I want to copy one of your articles to my web site...."

Regretfully, we have to say no. We don't normally give permission to copy the text of our pages to another site because a link serves exactly the same purpose. Multiple copies of our articles cause multiple search engine entries for the same article text and frankly we'd rather folks come read our articles on our site instead of yours.

If you're interested in hosting one of our articles on a non-English language site please contact us at reprints3 (at)

I want to....

If you have something else in mind just go ahead and ask. We say "No" to very few requests.

We did say no to:

And that's about all.

"What will you ask me to do? Is it complicated?"

We ask people who reprint our material to do just a few things. We give you the list when you write and ask. Primarily they are:
  1. Somewhere in the reprint please show the the information is "copyright 2019 by Canis Major Publications. All rights reserved. Used by permission." This is to keep our copyright on the material. Otherwise it becomes public domain and can be picked up by anyone and republished in books, magazines etc. for their profit and without attribution to us.
  2. Give the original author a byline. They've all put a lot of time and effort into their articles and deserve credit. (These can be at the beginning or end of the article, on a contents page, in a contents box etc. We're not trying to dictate your layout .)
  3. If you're reprinting the material as an informational booklet or as part of a newsletter we ask that you send us a copy of that issue. Norma likes to see how other people use our material and if the article was written by one of our freelancers we send the copy to them. They're not paid; this is one of the few ways we can show them that people appreciate what they write. (While we appreciate you sending us a published copy we DO NOT say it is required in order for you to use our material.) We'll send you the mailing address when we reply to your e-mail.

Including the copyright information and byline as part of your reprint is very important, no matter how small you think your publication may be . One of our writers has had an article written elsewhere picked up and reprinted for profit by a commercial publisher without payment or credit, apparently because a newsletter editor downloaded the article from an online service, reprinted it, but didn't include the copyright information as requested in the text. That placed it in the public domain and gave anyone permission to use it without payment or credit.

Our writers have gladly made their material available to you and your readers, clients and customers for free. Please show your appreciation by taking a moment to send e-mail asking for permission, read our guidelines and include the copyright and byline information in your reprint.

Remember, please write and ask permission. A real, live person will answer, probably within 24 hours during the week, maybe longer. If you don't get an answer in a day or two, ask again. we do answer all reprint requests and they get priority.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Tom Woolf

This page is a part of the Dog Owner's Guide website and is copyright 2019 by Canis Major Publications. You may print or download this material for non-commercial personal or school educational use. All other rights reserved. If you, your organization or business would like to reprint our articles in a newsletter or distribute them free of charge as an educational handout please see our reprint policy.

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