Introducing the breeder panel

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Breeders participating in the round table have different levels of experience with different breeds, but have several things in common: they study their breeds, produce dogs that participate in dog sports and activities, protect breed health by using genetic screening for disease and structural abnormalities, and care more about the quality of the home for a puppy than for the money or prestige it brings.

Paula Drake

Paula Drake purchased her first Akita puppy in 1985. This pup became Ch. Pharfossa’s Kaminari Rose CD, TT, TDI, VA. Her offspring produced the youngest-ever tracking dog excellent Akita, the only Akita to earn both a tracking dog excellent title and a utility dog title, and the youngest-ever Best-in-Show Akita. Her breeding program has also produced many titled Akitas including a Best in Specialty Akita and, best of all, many adored family companions. She is a member of Clermont County Kennel Club and Queen City Dog Training Club and lives in Anderson Township with her Akitas, her cats, her parrots, and her 29-year-old horse.

Dr. Tracy Leonard

Dr. Tracy Leonard has been breeding Basenjis for over 15 years. In that time, she and her husband Jeff as Select Basenjis have bred a number of nationally ranked individuals in conformation, obedience and lure coursing. She is a member of Dayton Kennel Club, Dayton Dog Training Club and OKIGO lure coursing Club. She is currently licensed to judge all sighthound breeds in lure coursing. A 1987 graduate of Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine, she has owned her own practice for the last 11 years with a special interest in canine reproduction.

Gale Snoddy

Gale Snoddy acquired her first Borzoi in 1985. She bred her first litter in 1988, and three are still with her at 13 1/2 years of age. She is active in showing in conformation, obedience, lure coursing, and soon agility. In addition to her Borzoi, she has one Saluki. In 1992, Gale and her husband Alan Margulies opened Pineland Farm Kennels in Miami Township, which they still own and operate.

Susan Wagner

Susan Wagner, a Newfoundland breeder, is a relative newcomer to the show world. She shows her dogs in conformation, obedience, draft, and water rescue and is an active member of Clermont County Kennel Club and the regional Newfoundland club.

Richard and Melody Greba

Richard and Melody Greba breed German Shepherd Dogs under the USA-registered kennel name Vom Reichtal. They have been breeding since 1984. Richard and Melody are tatooers in the Mid-Eastern Region of Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. Richard is Regional Breed Warden for the United Schutzhund Clubs of America. He and Melody have shown dogs successfully in regional and national events and in Germany and have earned titles on several dogs at various levels. Successful Vom Reichtal dogs include Quasar v. Reichtal (Gunner) Kentucky’s youngest certified Search and Rescue dog, police dogs past and present, schutzhund titled dogs, therapy dogs, and Canine Good Citizen dogs. Vom Reichtal is home to V Baron Wolfeland SchH3, Kkla1 OFA Goo


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