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Old Yeller Air Bud Beethoven's 2nd;
Benji Courage of Lassie For the Love of Benji;
Call of the Wild, The: Dog of the Yukon; Incredible Journey Iron Will
Lassie Lassie Come Home (1943) Son of Lassie
The Painted Hills (Lassie) White Fang  


The Call of the Wild; Jack London/1995 Big Red; Jim Kjelgaard/1992 Irish Red; Jim Kjelgaard/1984
Outlaw Red; Jim Kjelgaard/1985 Snow Dog; Jim Kjelgaard/1983 Stormy; Jim Kjelgaard/1983
The Incredible Journey; Sheila Burnford /1996
(Other editions available)
Best Loved Dog Stories of Albert Payson Terhune; A.P. Terhune/1987
(Check for availability)
Lad a Dog; Albert P. Terhune/1981
Lassie Come-Home : Eric Knight's Original 1938 Classic; Rosemary Wells/1995 White Fang: Jack London/Paperback/1989  

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